Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Camera!

Back in August our old trusty Canon SX50 HS crapped out on us mid-sequence while we were shooting shorebirds on the Oregon coast. It was still covered under my 2 year Best Buy warranty, but when I took it in to get repaired, they told me their had been a recall on that model so they couldn’t repair it, and would need to just refund the value of the camera instead. That sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me! After getting the refund we effectively ended up with a free camera for the nearly 2 years we owned the SX50.

The last picture taken by our Canon SX50 HS. August 21, 2015.

The only problem now was that we needed to pick a new camera. We’d enjoyed our SX50 and the SX40 we owned before that so had originally figured we’d just upgrade to the SX60, however the reviews for the SX60 were not great. We considered just getting another SX50, but Best Buy wasn’t selling them anymore, and they were hard to find new for a decent price online, plus the whole recall issue was concerning too. Really the only other superzoom camera that could compete with the Canon SX line in terms of zoom was the relatively new Nikon P900, which features an impressive 83X optical zoom!

However, it seems that Nikon must have underestimated the demand for the P900. They sold out very quickly, and then never really got fully restocked. They were making small shipments every now and then to a handful of stores, but those new shipments always sold out very quickly too. I wasn’t sure I wanted to wait an indeterminate amount of time to be able to get a new camera set up, especially since it was hard to be happy using our backup camera (SX40) after how much of an improvement the SX50 had been. However, I couldn’t find a could backup option I was really happy about, so we just kept waiting, and I kept checking everyday to see if any came back in stock. On October 24 they finally came available at just one store – Best Buy. I hurried and placed an order, and when I checked back just a few hours later they were sold out again. The camera showed up on the 27th, and we’ve been enjoying learning to use it since.


Hopefully you’ll start to see an improvement in the photo quality on the blog. I’m sure there will be a bit of a learning curve as we get used to the new setup, but with the additional zoom and resolution we should be able to put more pixels on the birds we’re photographing. Here’s a comparison of the Canon SX50 HS and Nikon P900 courtesy of DP Review.


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