Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to Weekend Birding

It's Monday morning. You've got mountains of work to get done this week, but just a few minutes to spare before you start on the next task. You check your local birding listserv, just out of curiosity, and your heart starts racing when you see a report of that rare bird, not even very far away, that you'd love to add to your list. You start thinking about how easy it would be go see it, if only you didn't have all that work to get done. You can't help but be a little jealous of the reports coming in that afternoon, the next morning, two days later, from dozens of others who managed to re-find the bird, but couldn't possibly have full time jobs, right? You start wondering if it will still be there when you finish work for the day, or for the week, and soon you're planning a weekend that revolves around the faint glimmer of hope that the bird just might still be there when you get a chance to chase it.

This blog is for you.

My name is Stoddard Davenport, and my wife Ellen and I have enjoyed birding as a serious hobby since 2010. I work at a consulting firm, and although I love my job, it does keep me indoors looking at a computer screen rather than outdoors looking at birds for most of the prime birding hours in the week. I make a point to try to play as hard as I work, so when Friday evening rolls around, I usually get busy making plans for some serious weekend birding.

Stoddard and Ellen Davenport. Anniversary vacation turned birding trip.
Seaside, Oregon. August 18, 2012.
We spend most of our weekends birding in Idaho and Colorado, our home and home away from home. For longer weekends, we may wander in to neighboring states, and for the occasional vacation, we hope to travel to many of the great birding locations in the country.

I hope to use this blog to write about birding from the eyes of someone whose interest outweighs their time. I'll discuss how we plan our weekends, chronicle some of our adventures, and share some of the fascinating things we're constantly learning about world around us.

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