Monday, May 19, 2014

Golden-crowned Sparrows at Caldwell Ponds

During the Nampa Christmas Bird Count back in December, a Golden-crowned Sparrow was found to be hanging out at Caldwell Ponds. There turned out to be at least two in the area, and they hung around for quite a while. We caught up with them for the first time in back in January on our way out to see the Red-shouldered Hawk that was found near Payette.

On March 24 as we headed out for a scenic drive through Succor Creek State Park and Leslie Gulch in eastern Oregon, we made a pit stop at Caldwell Ponds to feed Nora, who woke up hungry from a nap. We had pulled off the road to park and were only there for 3-4 minutes before a couple of odd-looking sparrows showed up on the ground and bushes right in front of our car. Turns out they were the Golden-crowned Sparrows – presumably the same pair that had been found back in December, which would mean that they had been hanging out here for over 4 months!


Golden-crowned Sparrow at Caldwell Ponds, Canyon County. March 24, 2014.

Nora’s feeding times have turned out to be a godsend for our birding this year – we’ve had a bad habit of quickly rushing from place to place while birding, but Nora’s feeding times have really helped us to slow down and be more patient and thorough. As a result, we’ve added lots of nice birds we probably would have driven away without seeing if we hadn’t needed to stay put for 30-45 minutes at a location to feed her.


Golden-crowned Sparrow at Caldwell Ponds, Canyon County. March 24, 2014.

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