Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bird-killing-birds near Garden Valley

In early February we spent a Saturday afternoon in Garden Valley, about an hour north of Boise. There wasn’t a lot of bird action on that trip, though we did enjoy several Northern Shrikes north of Crouch. Northern Shrikes have the Latin name lanius excubitor, which literally translates to “sentinel butcher”, a nod to their habit of killing and storing their prey by impaling it on thorns or other sharp objects, and keeping watch for its next quarry from prominent perches atop trees or shrubs.


Northern Shrike near Crouch, Boise County. February 7, 2015.

A quick drive through South Fork Landing (just east of Garden Valley) turned up this American Kestrel. These little birds also pack a pretty serious punch for their size.


American Kestrel at South Fork Landing, Boise County. February 7, 2015.

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