Monday, April 20, 2015

Pine Grosbeak at Canyon Hill Cemetery

During the Nampa CBC on December 20, a handful of expert birders covering Canyon Hill Cemetery in Caldwell made a couple of nice finds. First was a first state record Winter Wren, and second was a first county record Pine Grosbeak. The Winter Wren wasn’t ever re-found, but the Pine Grosbeaks were seen a couple of other times, including on the morning of January 2. I took a quick afternoon trip out there (once again with Nora napping in the back seat) to try to track them down. I made several slow and unsuccessful laps around the cemetery, but just before I was about to give up and head out I heard a noisy flock of grosbeaks zip up from a nearby hillside into the pine trees in the cemetery. The lighting was really tough, but I did manage to get this documentation shot:


Pine Grosbeak at Canyon Hill Cemetery, Canyon County. January 2, 2015.

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